Music charts, simplified.

Why is Progressions so dang awesome?

Manage your charts the easy way.

Folders filled with pages upon pages of charts? Multiple keys? Hours spent meticulously preparing cheat sheets? Yeah, screw that. Load your music into Progressions and give yourself a break.

Available on the App Store. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Change keys on the fly.

Singers. Am I right? Progressions lets you switch keys effortlessly, so you'll never need to worry about them changing key on you… again. Two taps and Progressions will do all the transposition work for you leaving you free to do more important things. Like sweet guitar licks.

Search your charts.

If you've got hundreds of charts, even scrolling becomes a chore, let alone leafing through hundreds of pieces of paper. Narrow down the list with a quick search and find the chart you want quickly.

Custom set lists.

Easily create lists of songs for performance or practice. Use favourites to create a list of songs you love to play. Page through them easily, just like using a book.

You can even use gestures, because seriously. If you're in the process of playing, you're not gonna be trying to hit tiny buttons, are you?

Print and send.

Need a hard copy of a chart? Use AirPrint to print wirelessly. HARD COPY ACHIEVED. Have a friend who has yet to discover how awesome Progressions is? Email them a PDF version of the chart. And also tell them how awesome Progressions is.

Congratulations, your awesome level just went up by like 78%.

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