The iOS app for managing your musical
charts, right on your iPhone or iPad.

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What is Progressions?

Progressions is an app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which allows you to store, organise and transpose simple chord charts, enabling you to use your device as a customised music display, or simply as a catalogue of the songs that you love to play.

You only need a basic understanding of chords for this app to transform the way you store written music, making the app perfect for beginners and professional musicians alike.

Charts are entered as completely free text, and can include song lyrics, notes about the song, shorthand instructions, section titles, etc. Progressions cleverly isolates the chords within the chart, allowing it to be transposed into any key you choose.

Key Features

  • Easily enter chord charts with lyrics or notes, or import text files.
  • Create “sets” of charts for playing from in performances or practice sessions.
  • Transpose charts to any key, on the fly.
  • Print charts wirelessly using AirPrint.
  • Send PDF copies of charts via email.
  • Adjust display settings such as brightness, auto-lock and font size.
  • Backup and restore your charts database.

Fact Sheet


Daniel "Jelly" Farrelly

Release Date

17 December 2010


iOS 10 or later, universal app for iPhone and iPad.


US $7.99



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