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How do I write my own charts?

A chart is a simple page of text. Progressions will find chords in the content that you enter automatically, which means that you can include words and notes along with your music.

To create a new chart, tap the plus (+) icon at the bottom left corner of the "All Charts" screen.

An empty chart editor will slide onscreen. Here you can enter a title for your chart, the name of the artist the song is originally by, select the starting key for the music, and of course, write the music itself.

Once your chart has been entered to your liking, tap "Save" up in the top right corner. Your chart will be saved, and you will return to the screen you came from.

Note: In order to store charts in Progressions, they must have a title and a key. If either of these is missing, the Save button will be greyed out, and will not respond when you tap it.

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